The Best Toronto Rinks for New Skaters

Anybody can learn to skate on any rink, but I think some rinks are better for small children and new skaters. People with short or unsteady skating legs don't need epic ice trails or rinks that are crowded with aggressive skaters.

If you are teaching someone to skate, or learning how to skate yourself, look for smaller rinks where skaters can be comfortable and have fun while their skills and confidence improve.

Here are the best Toronto outdoor rinks I've found for new skaters:
These rinks share some common features:
  • Their skating surfaces are small skating trails (so skaters don't have to cross long distances) or boarded rinks (so there is something to cling to).
  • They have a place where you can sit down to change your skates (and if it's indoors, that's even better).
  • They have washrooms nearby.
  • They have separate areas or times for playing shinny.
  • Hot chocolate is obtainable within a reasonable distance from the rink.
I'm sure there are other good rinks in Toronto to add to this list. I just haven't skated at them yet.

legs of of one adult and two children wearing skates on an ice rink


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