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Great Skate #41: Trinity-Bellwoods Park, Toronto

After the thrill (and cost) of skating in New York City, it was interesting to skate in Toronto again and notice the differences.

On January 29, I went to the rink in Trinity-Bellwoods Park in the west end with my oldest niece, who is now Ten. It was a long streetcar ride to get there, and then a fair hike from the park entrance to the rink. The rink itself is the basic standard for rinks in this city: a single ice pad, surrounded by "hamster cage" fencing, with some benches near the rink. A short walk away is the changeroom/staff office, which has washrooms. No special amenities, no music, no frills. But also, no admission fee.

While it's basic, the Trinity-Bellwood had everything we needed for a good afternoon of skating. There were a dozen or so skaters with us on the ice. Some were proficient skaters, some were taking their first wobbly glides. And something similar was happening in parks across the city.

The Trinity-Bellwood rink is one of 52 outdoor artificial ice*…