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The Great Skate glides again!

Some of Toronto's outdoor rinks opened on November 23rd. It seemed too soon. Didn't we just finish Halloween? But then a sudden cold snap made outdoor skating seem much more reasonable. 

The new rink at Greenwood Park was open, and I have skated there twice now, sort of a preview for Great Skate 2014. More on that later.
As I skated, I thought about everything I like about skating: It happens outside. (I'm always happier outside.)It's free (once you've got the skates).If you know how to skate, you can feel proud that you've figured it out - and if you're still learning, you can feel proud of making steady progress every time you try.I can't think of another pastime that involves people of all ages and skill levels, doing the same physical activity, on the same enclosed area, at the same time.If you're skating, you are probably skating counterclockwise, and we're not sure why.
In January, the Great Skate Project will resume - for the 3rd year! - …