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Any Chance to Skate is a Great Skate

Things don’t always work out like you planned. My Great Skate Project was like that this winter. Somehow it has gotten to be April and I haven’t skated at any new rinks since January. Blame the unseasonable weather, busy schedules and head colds.
I think the last time I went skating was at the end of February. My youngest niece, now Six, celebrated her birthday with a skating party at Greenwood Park. It turned out to be one of the warmest days of the winter. With the sun pouring down, and temperatures rising to t-shirt weather, the ice surface got mushier and mushier. Only a small patch, protected by shade, was open. It hardly seemed worth the bother of putting on skates.
And yet, that small patch was full of skaters. Shedding their winter coats, giggling as they dodged the puddles, they skated on every possible inch of that patch of ice. (Have you ever seen a picture of ducks swimming in a stretch of open water in an otherwise frozen pond? The situation on the rink that day was the opp…