Great Skate #10 - First Baptist Church (Orillia)

I had half a plan to skate at all the outdoor rinks in Orillia in one day. After all, there's only seven of them, and I'd already been to one without even realizing it.

But the other half of the plan that I hadn't thought through included:
  • the weather (even Orillia is having a warm winter, and the natural-ice skating rinks weren't faring well),
  • the transportation (I don't have a car, so someone else has to drive), and
  • the timing (we had to wait until my nieces were asleep for the night).
So when Laurel and I headed out to find the skating rink at First Baptist Church on the evening of Sunday, February 19, I hoped it would be worth it, because the odds of getting to the other rinks were slim.

We found it, eventually, after some slight confusion with the Bethel Baptist Church, which is about a block away on the same street.

The First Baptist Church rink is fenced and has lights, although they weren't on. (Our skate was illuminated by the glow from the Esso station next door.)

Laurel and I were the only ones at the rink.

Was it worth it? Of course! Skating is always worth it.

We skated clockwise, then counter-clockwise, and then Laurel got the idea of skating in diagonals from one corner to the other. (Take that, Coriolis effect/centrifugal forces/dominant side theories!)

So, two rinks down, five to go. Maybe next winter.....

This rink also has a "skate at your own risk" sign.


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