Great Skate #38: Wallace Emerson Park

Another January, another year for the Great Skate Project.

Since 2012, I have set myself a goal each January: to skate at a different outdoor rink each week, inviting friends and family to join me. I'm heading into Year 6 now, and still have a long way to go to cross all the Toronto rinks off my list.

Yesterday I launched Great Skate 2017 at the Wallace Emerson Park rink, on Dufferin just north of Bloor. It's a double rink, separating the shinny players from the more leisurely skaters. The non-shinny rink is shaped like a comma and unfenced, a nice change from the typical hamster cage rink design. There's an indoor change room and lots of benches around the rink.

I often feel like the Zambonis wait until I show up to start cleaning the ice. Yesterday, I wished that was the case. The mild weather meant the ice was very soft and it hadn't been cleaned in a while. Since my skates badly need sharpening, the combined effect was rough and slow. Probably just as well because - hello skating muscles! - I am a bit out of shape.

Despite the ice condition, the rink was very busy with lots of families taking advantage of the New Year's holiday to skate.

Today it is pouring rain (typical Toronto winter) so I'm glad I got that skate in when I did.

Skaters at Wallace Emerson Park rink


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