Skating memories: Trout Lake

When I was growing up, my grandparents lived at Trout Lake in North Bay. We spent our Christmas holidays there, and the weather was nearly always cold enough to have a rink on the lake in front of the house. I think this is where I learned how to skate.

That's me on the left, with weak ankles.
My brother Paul is standing next to me.
The date on these photos says 1978. Note that we're still in the era of non-snazzy snowsuits for kids.

One winter, Trout Lake was frozen but there was no snow - we could skate all along the shoreline.

There was also another place to skate at my grandparents' house: a pond created by a beaver dam in the bush behind the house.

We were very lucky kids.

With our cousins, Peter and James.


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